Thursday, December 1, 2011

...these are a few of my favorite things.

Here are a few photos of some of my decorations that I have used to decorate for Christmas this year.  Decorating is such a exciting time for me and my family. I love the vintage decorations that I have collected over the years.  My finds are from  garage sales, thrift stores and vintage shops throughout the year. When I purchase a Christmas decoration I pack it away with the other decorations until Christmas.   I still have a child-like feeling when I go to open them during the holidays.
 I especially love vintage items because I think they represent traditions and celebrations of the past and creating new ones.
The vintage items I have acquired each have a story of their own.  One story that comes to mind, took place at a craft bazar in German Village.  A cute elderly women had set up a stand with vintage ornaments.  She told me that they had been special ornaments to she and her husband.  She had such a kind spirit.  I told her I would take good care of them and they would be enjoyed by my family.  Another story is of the bubble lights that are in the second photo. The bubbled vintage lights also bring back a childhood memory of just completely staring at them on my best friend's  Christmas tree.  I loved them so much and wanted them for my own tree as a child, and vowed to someday adorn my tree with them.  I love the excitement on the children's faces as they decorate the tree, it really gives me such a warm feeling.  Each ornament has a special memory for me.  I would love to hear what are your favorite Christmas decorations?


  1. Carrie,
    All of the decorations you have pictured are great! I love the uniqueness of each one. I especially love the last picture of the white trees with silver bulbs. They have a special elegance about them. Like you, I think that the Christmas season is such a special time of year. The spirit of Christmas definitely puts a little exta joy in my heart. Some of my fondest childhood memories are the ones of traditions that my parents created for my sister and I. Each year, my mother would always buy an ornament for my sister and I. Now that I have a house of my own, I have all of those ornaments my mother gave to me throughout my childhood. I love decorating my tree because I am able to re-live some of those special memories. I look forward to start new traditions when I have my own children someday!

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  3. Gorgeous decorations! Have a lovely weekend:)

  4. I love the vintage look! What an inspiration you are. I got out my grandmothers vintage bulbs that are ceramic and have painted scenes depicting birds in pine trees and country homes with white lights and greenery stretching over the really makes me miss her. She had THE spirit of christmas all year long. She is the reason I do what I do today... creating artworks is the most loving way to remember someone. She would be so proud of your home and your love for the beauty that the past can offer. I am so happy to know you and can't wait to see your lovely home in person. Your blog keeps me inspired and creating beauty beauty of my own everyday!! :)


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