Monday, October 24, 2011

A Fabulous Way to Recycle Men's Vintage Neckties

I was recently at a party where I admired this girl's scarf made of vintage neckties and asked if I could take a picture. She told me she purchased the scarf at a craft bizarre and also had seen them on I checked on Etsy and they range from: a 1 tie scarf for $28.00, to a 4 tie scarf for $105.00. Well, that afternoon I headed to the local thrift store to check out the selection of men's vintage ties. I found a few I liked and asked my mom (who will try any project and is very creative) if she could make me a few with the picture I took. I picked them up from her yesterday and after a few alterations the finished product is fabulous.


  1. I love the idea of vintage ties accessorizing the neck! I'm sure it will catch on!

  2. Thanks, it was fun project and I loved how they turned out.


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