Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Working Out Your Style

Hi everyone! Well most of you know that I was a running maniac this past summer and fall. This winter has been a bust for running because the temps were just to cold. I was pretty bummed because I felt like I really enjoyed my running time because it was my "me" time.  I could have joined a gym, but I prefer to run outside rather than a treadmill. Recently, I took a class that has reminded me that I need to actually schedule "me" time, whether that is running, blogging, or reading. Most of those things I try to squeeze into my life, rather than actually scheduling them and then they don't happen. It's hard because these are really things I do for me. I feel like as parents we give so much to everyone and slowly forget about the things we enjoyed. So, I am really glad I took this class, it has giving me inspiration. It has been in the 50's and 60's which feels like a heat wave and is perfect running weather. Even though I feel like I am starting over and my body is sore, every time I run I feel so good.
This is not a fabulous style post, but one focused on your work-out style. I have noticed the trend that pretty much any store has work-out wear. You can find work-out wear for many price points, from Forever 21 to Lululemon. I don't have a specific place I shop for work-out wear, but I do tend to shop at Marshalls because they have brands I like for cheaper. I usually wear my workout clothes through out the evening, so I like to wear pieces that I can throw on with a jacket and go on errands. (Unless I am crazy sweaty)

This would be a outfit typical for my work-out style.

Nike Dri- Fit Top

Nike Allover Print Women's Leggings

Bright Asics
Do you have a specific brand for your work-out wear?

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Over-all this weather

AE Denim Overalls ,
Hi everyone, since my last post, my birthday came and went.  My husband, Ryan, gave me these fabulous Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. I have been wanting a pair of aviators for awhile, but I couldn't find a pair that fit my small face.  The pair he bought for me are perfect. I think it was so thoughtful that he took our daughter and they picked them out together. Recently, a trend that I noticed making a comeback is "the overall". I used to own a sweet pair from the Gap. My Gap overalls are one of those things that I am so mad that I gave them away.  I was pumped on a recent trip to Madewell, I came across their Park Overalls. I think this is a great look for the spring and summer,  but the price point is high at $148.00.

Madewell Park Overalls
So, I got to looking for a pair that fit my criteria.  My criteria includes a worn wash, loose fitting, and no belt loops(weird I know). Well, I happy to tell you I found this great pair from American Eagle for 1/3 the price.  (and I love them better than the Madewell overalls).

Ray-Ban Avaitor Sunglasses

Is there an item that you donated or gave away that you wish you still had?

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